Indianapolis War Memorial -or- For those who Served

In early 2009 as I was just starting to learn how to actually operate a camera, I took the first of many, MANY trips to downtown Indy to just see what there was to look at.  Like any big city, it’s filled with it’s random tidbits including several monuments to those who died defending this country from enemies foreign, domestic and sometimes utterly contrived.

Indianapolis War Memorial
Indianapolis War Memorial (click to view the whole album)

Artistically speaking, this one is all about the oddness of the shape for me. The words curving around the center in a way that seems almost incalculable. I feel like the sun flare is a nice touch as well though unintentional since the photo was taken before I knew what a “flare hood” is.

What say you? All opinions welcome whether good, bad or indifferent.


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