Covington, Indiana -or- Ivy and Old Lace

During one of my early romps through the small towns of Indiana I came across Covington, Indiana.  This town is so small that the town hall is smaller than most Starbucks.  However, it’s an example of how much just raw visual goodness you can find in a small town.  This photo, taken in April of 2009, stands out for me as one of my all-time favorites.  The curtains are a bit washed out but the ivy trailing up the side of the building, almost like a hand grasping at the window, really appeals.

Covington, Indiana
Covington, Indiana (click to view the whole album)

Going more deeply, I think that in many ways this photo represents the potential harmony of man and nature.  I take so many pictures in which nature is creeping in on mankind and destroying by persistence what man has worked to hard to construct.  This picture doesn’t give me that tension.  For now, the two aspects of the photo are in accord.  The ivy crawls delicately skyward while the lace and glass act as a boundary between man and nature.  Eventually, of course, nature will far outlast mankind but for now…. for now all is well.


  1. This is a great picture. I love your point about all the visual goodness you can find in small towns. Also, thanks for liking one of my recent blog posts! ~stephanie (this world around you)

  2. Great album! It reminds me of some of the towns I grew up around and I absolutely adore the ones with the old rickety wooden bridge seeming to just disappear into the trees….that one’s going to inspire a story some day, I can just feel it.

  3. The house with the ivy crawling is where I grew up! And we had a wonderful vine at the time that had almost completely covered the other side. It’s nice to see someone appreciating the place still! RSHinAtlanta

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