11/24/2011 – Lafayette Misc and Sand Hill Cranes

A few observations and photographic highlights from November 24, 2011 as seen through my lens.

This day was a bit of a mish-mosh and it seemed to go by so QUICKLY.

From 2011-11-24

For some species, the fall colors are near their height.

From 2011-11-24

Found an old bulldozer that makes an interesting study. It’s been here long enough that nature has begun her inevitable encroachment.

From 2011-11-24

In downtown Lafayette, stands a building on 4th street that is on the verge of being down town for scrap. It’s really a fine old building but apparently not had nearly the love that it needs to remain viable.

From 2011-11-24

Some of the buildings on the square are looked over by tiny little men with tiny little foils. So don’t try anything unless you want a vicious poke in the shins.

From 2011-11-24

I also tried my hand at a bit of video while we were visiting the sand hill cranes. They’re very nearly out of season but there were still plenty to behold on this cold November day. Their landing style is so casual it always makes me smile.


From 2011-11-24

On the way back it was dark as pitch, so I was inspired to a bit of abstract photography at long exposures…

(A Miller Lite sign)

From 2011-11-24

(Stoplights and oncoming traffic)

From 2011-11-24


From 2011-11-24

(The Golden Arches)

From 2011-11-24

And finally we stopped to see the windmills in the dark. Very ghostly.

From 2011-11-24

Sadly, I didn’t have a tripod so all of these are shot at about 30s exposure from the top of the car. You can see the car roof fairly clearly. Anyway, note the movement of the rotor blades.

From 2011-11-24

Space…. the final frontier of photography… (At least for today)

From 2011-11-24


  1. Amazing pictures. I especially like – 2nd, 3rd, and last three. 🙂

    Beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow-up. Really appreciate 🙂

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