11/6/2011 – 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Tippecanoe

The fall seems utterly rife with quaint little opportunities for people to dress up in unusual clothes and relive the gay and delightful past.

As with most of these events, it’s a grand chance for just some serious portraiture…

From 2011-11-06

…and some not so serious.

From 2011-11-06

This kindly gent actually seemed very pleased to have his picture taken.

From 2011-11-06

And skilled craftsmen abounded.

From 2011-11-06

These two seemed engaged in some serious negotiations.

From 2011-11-06

I can only assume that his red feather sets him apart from the plain white of his cohorts as a leader of some sort. His expression seems to carry with it one of supreme confidence.

From 2011-11-06
From 2011-11-06

And then there are those who come out just for the spiritual aspects of the whole thing.

From 2011-11-06

Quite a dashing character…. though I think that perhaps EVERYONE looks dashing in a top hat?

From 2011-11-06

Again, it’s amazing the expressions there are just waiting to be captured.

From 2011-11-06
From 2011-11-06

And that, boys and girls, was the day that was.


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